Jamestown Square
3325 N. University Ave, #300
Provo, Utah 84604
(801) 225-2623

Francine Weiss, NP, APRN is the medical director of the Provo Wellness Center.  She maintains a vibrant practice in holistic healing, specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, wellness education, holistic retreats, and self-development for inner awareness and transformation.

Francine received a Master’s degree in Advanced Nursing with an Occupational Health Specialty at the University of Utah. She is a clinical nurse specialist and has been in nursing education, holistic healing, and practice for over 10 years with a client base of over 8,000 patients.

Francine integrates the wisdom of many cultural/natural ways of healing.  She is a health consultant in China and serves as the Director of a VIP travel experience providing health education to Chinese health care professionals.

Francine’s knowledge and experience in nursing and spirituality are grounded in the awareness that health is wholeness — a dynamic harmony and creative balance of Body, Mind, Spirit. Her natural style empowers one's inner wisdom, resources, and choices for healing.

Francine Weiss, NP, APRN
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